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Defiant Lives and the Meaning of the Disability Rights Movement: Unit

[Image description] A movie poster shows stairs and projected onto the stairs is a pink and black wheelchair and disability activist. Text at the top says Defiant Lives and text at the bottom says the Rise and Triumph of the Disability Rights Movement.


Students will watch Defiant Lives: The Rise and Triumph of the Disability Rights Movement in the United States, England and Australia. It covers important milestones in disability activism from breaking people out of nursing homes to advocating for equal rights. The discussion topics in the film vary from institutionalization to passing legislation. The film highlights in particular the vast differences between the medical model of disability and the social model of disability. For 5 days students will watch a segment of the film and record their own thoughts and then discuss their thoughts with a partner and the full group. The last two days students will work together to create their own plan to address an issue in their own community.

Lesson Plan:

Defiant Lives Disability Rights Unit.docx

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