About Us

We are Disability Equality in Education (DEE), supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council. DEE began operations in July 2017. As a truly grassroots effort, all leadership of DEE are people with disabilities (both invisible and physical) and we rely on a network of volunteers who are people with disabilities and allies. DEE is affiliated with Disabled in Action (DIA). DIA is a civil rights organization committed to ending discrimination against people with disabilities. We embody the phrase “Nothing about us, without us” in the work we do with schools and colleges.

Our Work

Curriculum Development for K-12 to Reduce Disability Stigma in Schools:

We have created a disability comprehensive curriculum lesson plan library. This is a resource for teachers to explore disability in multiple contexts (history, math, science and social studies) in the classroom. Our lessons and associated resources are informed by the Social Model of Disability Our focus with education is to normalize the idea of disability with all students. If you are interested in teaching our lessons, but need extra support, we are here for you! DEE can provide free training on teaching disability in the classroom just contact us to learn more.

Disability Pride for Colleges:

Disability Pride is the notion that disability is a fundamental intersectional identity and community. Disability Pride celebrations are experiences for people with disabilities to share their stories with fellow comrades and allies. These events enhance the student experience on campus by encouraging discussion and celebration of disabilities. Our Disability Pride Day at Millersville University was a great success.  DEE collaborates with colleges to help them build a good foundation to host Disability Pride events year after year. If you are interested in holding a Disability Pride event at your college or university, please contact us.

Meet Our Team

[Image description] Alan poses with Yoshiko Dart. They are both smiling. Yoshiko is wearing a bucket hat with ADAPT across the front and a purple shirt with a power button symbol. Alan is wearing a brown hat and a white disability pride shirt.

Alan (AKA Johnny Crescendo) is the Director of Disability Equality in Education. He is a disability civil rights activist, singer and songwriter, born in Salford, UK. He founded and spearheaded the Direct Action Network (DAN) in 1993. Alan moved to Philadelphia, USA, in 2003 to be with his wife and daughter. He is a member of Philly ADAPT, a disability grassroots activist organization.

[Image description] Izzy sits in their wheelchair wearing a black shirt and black pants with a brown flannel short. Izzy is holding a microphone and gesturing to the audience.

Izzy Kaufman, M.Ed is the Education Outreach Specialist for Disability Equality in Education. Izzy is a very proud disabled person and advocates for Disability Rights. They are committed to teaching about disability as a natural part of the human experience. Izzy is part of the queer community in Philly and has embraced that intersectional identity and includes that perspective in work with Disability Equality in Education. They have a Masters in Education in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University and received a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a Music Minor from Ithaca College.

[Image description] Stacy is looking at the camera and smiling in front of a grey background. She is wearing a grey suit.
Stacy McCafferty is the business administrator for Disability Equality in Education and works to challenge disability stigma in schools and colleges throughout PA. Her organizational and managerial skills help support the federally funded organization. Our main goal is to create and integrate comprehensive disability curriculum K – 12 for all students (disabled and non-disabled). In addition, this disability led organization has developed a template for disability pride in colleges that facilitates the planning process to ensure a successful event that includes parades, art exhibits, live performers, and workshops.

Stacy completed her internship at a private practice that specialized in biofeedback and neurofeedback to treat a diverse population. Stacy earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from La Salle University with honors.