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Welcome to Disability Equality in Education (DEE)!

Throughout the website we use the terms disabled person and person with a disability. For us, disability holds no negative connotations, it simply is who we are. The staff at DEE all identify as disabled and belong to the disability community as a whole. Disability is just another one of our identities just like being a father, mother or musician. We hold the idea that disability is not a problem within the individual person, but part of larger issues in society like lack of access. If you are curious to learn more please contact us! We are always happy to discuss disability!

Two Key Student Populations in Pennsylvania

K-12 lesson plans are geared towards all students (disabled and non-disabled). PA educators please try DEE lessons in K-12 classrooms and fill out a simple evaluation form to help us gather information to further improve the lessons. We offer a free training to student teachers and experienced educators on disability to help guide through disability related topics presented in the lesson plans. You must create a free profile to view and download lessons. For more information click here.

College Disability Pride: DEE collaborates with colleges to cultivate disability culture and pride on campus, whether that is a one-day event or a month long string of activities. We help students with disabilities create their own student clubs and enhance disability clubs that already exist on college campuses. For more information click here.