Millersville University Disability Pride Day April 16th 2018

[Image Description] Outside on the Millersville campus a cloudy day with some rain on the ground. 2 Students carry a banner that reads “Disability Pride” in big letters. Each letter is made up of pictures of people with disabilities celebrating in Philadelphia. Underneath the banner reads “Disability Pride Lead on”. In the background there are people in wheelchairs and students in yellow shirts.

Disability Pride Millersville was an incredibly powerful day! People with disabilities, faculty and students attended the whole day. The day included a variety of activities: a march/parade around campus,  a peaceful protest, workshops, Music from local, national and international disabled performers and screened Defiant Lives, a documentary about the rise and fight of the Disability Rights Movement, with a Skype Q & A with Sarah Barton, the director.

Working with students and faculty members we facilitated 5 workshops:

DEE’s impact on the Millersville University campus was immeasurable!

  • Student volunteers received the annual Social Change Award from Millersville University

  • A student led disability activism club developed as a result of the Disability Pride Day.

DEE was honored to work with the Millersville community to build a lasting and impactful event. We look forward to supporting Millersville faculty and students for Disability Pride Millersville this year in April 2019!

If you would like a similar program on your Pennsylvania campus, contact us!