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[Image Descriptions] Scrolling images from Spring Grove diversity festival, Millersville Disability Pride Day, Temple Disability History Timeline, community education and Havertown Talking to Kids About Disability Event.

Picture 1: Millersville University students marching across campus. One student leads the march with a red megaphone in a yellow shirt.

Picture 2: DEE staff pose in front of exhibiting table with a Spring Grove Area High School student. The table has a black tablecloth with the DEE logo which is a child’s head with a rainbow coming out of it. On the table is a large wheel with colors and books.

Picture 3: Alan, DEE director, in front of the DEE table with two Spring Grove Elementary Students. The girl in the middle is smiling wide and holding a coloring page with a service dog.

Picture 4: Spring Grove diversity Festival students pose concentrating on the DEE table while one student holds her sister up so she can spin the wheel.

Picture 5: 3 Spring Grove Area High School students pose together smiling. All of them are wearing sweatshirts.

Picture 6: Children coloring pages on a desk. There are markers and colored pencils strewn across the table.

Picture 7: Alan, DEE director and Izzy, DEE Education Outreach Specialist, posing in front of a diamond shaped red, white and blue tile in the Parkway Central Library in Philly. The tile is hanging on the wall and it says “Disability History Timeline. This timeline highlights the local and national milestones of the Disability Rights Movement. Though a vital part of our collective story, the movement’s history remains largely untold. We hope the timeline will ignite your curiosity and encourage you to look deeper into one of the country’s most compelling social movements. More information on these and other milestones visit tinyurl.com/fierce-kind-of-love *This timeline uses language that is historically accurate but no longer considered acceptable terminology. Produced by the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University and Disability Equality in Education with support from Fringe Arts.

Picture 8: Outside on the Millersville campus a cloudy day with some rain on the ground. 2 Students carry a banner that reads “Disability Pride” in big letters. Each letter is made up of pictures of people with disabilities celebrating in Philadelphia. Underneath the banner reads “Disability Pride Lead on”. In the background there are people in wheelchairs and students in yellow shirts.

Picture 9: A young person with blue hair carrying a sign that reads “Stand Tall, Stand Strong”. They are chanting in a march outside.

Picture 10: Millersville students marching on outside. Cloudy and rain is on the ground. The most prominent student is carrying a sign that reads “Not sorry my disability makes you uncomfortable.” Students behind her carrying signs that read “Have Pride in Disability” and “Piss on Pity”. Some students are wearing yellow Disability Pride T-shirts. All of the students are chanting.

Picture 11: A large poster where people used purple, green, pink, blue, black and red markers to draw sayings and quotes related to disability pride:

Writing from left to right:

Say it loud disabled and proud, Equal access for all, I want to feel important, possible, pain is temporary pride is forever, Nothing about us without us, #disabilitypridemu, feel happy, We have power!, disabled and proud, disability is not an obstacle to art, but a catalyst for creativity, we’re all equal, unity, deaf rights power concedes nothing without a demand, I am able and disabled, I am disabled, people are people regardless of ability, love and acceptance, I see the world, just not the way you see it -Ivy Walker, I always try to take stigma out of what is initially seen, I ask society to do the same and see people for who they are, different is not less, broken crayons still color, disability is beautiful, there is no greater disability in society than the inability to see someone as more- Robert Hansen, Our homes not nursing homes, integrate now power to the people, love yourself, disability is no steps no captions no voice description no ramp no access!, able not disabled.

Picture 12: Tony in his manual red wheelchair poses in the lunchroom with 10 Millersville students in the lunchroom. Tony has two thumbs up and the students are smiling wide.

Picture 13: Millersville student carries a sign that reads “Have pride in disability”. Behind them are other students holding signs that are obscured. They are outside on the Millersville campus.

Picture 14: The sign in table for Disability Pride Millersville. Students in yellow shirts are posing with people signing in for the event. Everyone is smiling.

Picture 15: Alan singing at the Spring Grove Diversity Festival holding his guitar in front of a black background.

Picture 16: Three students in plain clothes pose smiling outside. The middle students holds a sign that reads “As educators we support inclusion”, The student on the right is carrying a sign that reads “Piss on Pity, inclusion, We have abilities not disabilities,” Some of the words on her sign are cut off.

Picture 17: Alan and Izzy discussing disability pride with the Villanova student disability group LEVEL.