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Celebrate Disability at Your School!

Disability Pride, Education and History Week

[Image Description] The words “DISABILITY PRIDE” with images of disability activists and allies inside the letters.
Engage your whole school community with a whole week of activities supported by DEE! All grades engaged in their own activities, at the end of the week all students showcase their hard work.

For example:

  • Kindergarten read and participate in activities on books with characters with disabilities and disability themes.
  • 1st grade learns how to sign in American Sign Language their favorite songs and American songs (National anthem, America the Beautiful, etc.)
  • 2nd grade explore their school for accessibility and learns about the barriers people with disabilities can face.
  • 3rd grade host a film and discussion
  • 4th grade create posters that encourage inclusion
  • 5th grade act out sketches on disability stereotypes
  • 6th grade design posters of famous people with disabilities
  • 7th grade create an artistic timeline of disability history to display in the school
  • 8th grade write their own rap and pop songs about anti-bullying and inclusion
  • High school students participate in a service learning project that benefits people with disabilities.

In collaboration with school staff, parents volunteers, students and educators DEE will support schools in a fantastic disability week!

Please see Colleges to learn more about disability arts, films and music! All of the programming for colleges can also come to your K-12 School.

School Assemblies and Fairs

[Image description] Izzy at the Spring Grove Diversity Festival in front of DEE’s presentation table of disability toys and books. They are wearing a shirt which says “The future is accessible.”
Dee will provide programming and representation for your school fair at no cost.

We were invited to the Spring Grove School District Diversity Festival last year. We brought disability books, toys and activities for students to interact with and challenge them to think about disability in new ways.

If you are interested in DEE visiting your school please Contact us