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Celebrate Disability at Your School!

Disability Pride, Education and History Week

[Image Description] The words “DISABILITY PRIDE” with images of disability activists and allies inside the letters.

Engage your whole school community with a whole week of activities supported by DEE! All grades engaged in their own activities, at the end of the week all students showcase their hard work.

For example:

  • Kindergarten read and participate in activities on books with characters with disabilities and disability themes.
  • 1st grade learns how to sign in American Sign Language their favorite songs and American songs (National anthem, America the Beautiful, etc.)
  • 2nd grade explore their school for accessibility and learns about the barriers people with disabilities can face.
  • 3rd grade host a film and discussion
  • 4th grade create posters that encourage inclusion
  • 5th grade act out sketches on disability stereotypes
  • 6th grade design posters of famous people with disabilities
  • 7th grade create an artistic timeline of disability history to display in the school
  • 8th grade write their own rap and pop songs about anti-bullying and inclusion
  • High school students participate in a service learning project that benefits people with disabilities.

In collaboration with school staff, parents volunteers, students and educators DEE will support schools in a fantastic disability week!