Lesson Plans

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The DEE K-12 Lesson Plan Library is a growing resource for you to download and use in your classroom or community setting.

  1. Pick a lesson below
  2. Teach the lesson in your class.
  3. Let us know how it went!

Please fill out this brief Lesson Plan Evaluation after teaching the lesson, and encourage students to fill out the one below as well so we can improve them! 

If you are a student who has been taught by one of our lesson plans, please fill out this brief Anonymous Student Evaluation so we can improve them!

If you have a great disability lesson add it to the library by contacting us!

All the Way to the Top

  Summary: In this lesson students will learn new vocabulary words and explore important civil…

The Right to be Disabled

Summary: For this lesson, students will watch a video titled “The Right to be Disabled”…

FDR Hiding His Disability

Summary: Students will engage in discussion about the Stigma associated with disability. They will then…

Birthday Party

Summary: In this lesson, students will consider what accommodations they can make in order to…

Disability History Timeline

Summary: This lesson is meant to accompany Disability Equality in Education’s Disability History Timeline. In…

The Sneetches

Summary:  Students will read/watch the story of The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss. Students will think…

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